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Old Fashioned values can happily co-exist alongside hi-tech capability

It is a sad fact that very large quantities of people involved in either searching for work or looking to fill a vacancy now consider recruitment companies a necessary evil. Recruitment has always been a vastly competitive industry and the recent introduction of powerful software solutions have without question changed the landscape. However, TG Resourcing believes that you can still combine the best of technology with old fashioned values and ethics, something they think is lacking in large quantities in the market place.

Whilst sitting in front of your candidates with a cup of coffee on the high street may be a thing of the past for most, it appears even picking up a telephone these days is rare. Gone it seems are the days when candidates formed relationships with their agents and recruiters knew their clients so well they instinctively knew who was a perfect match. Maybe the automation of some processes is to blame, maybe the recession and the fierce competition has forced some to cut corners but Toby Goddard, Managing Director at TG Resourcing believes strongly there is still a place for good manners and ethics.

Recounting a recent experience where a CV belonging to a candidate actually ended up in front of their own boss due to the lack of attention at another agency, Toby speaks passionately about how building relationships is at the forefront of his business. Although he uses very powerful software (Cirrus Nova Prism) to help streamline his methods, he and his team have a written commitment to keep their promises, to return calls, to let candidates know where their application is at every stage and make those difficult calls - including when their candidates have been unsuccessful – in a timely manner, and that personal service is paying dividends.

Toby added “It’s not just our clients we have to look after, it’s our candidates too. One without the other doesn’t make a business and a lot of companies seem to forget that. Too many times I have heard stories of people never receiving even an email acknowledgement to their application or even worse people who have gone to interviews and never even been officially rejected, that’s just bad manners!” Started in 2009 TG Resourcing are enjoying a renewed vigour for the industry and hope others will follow suit and aim to bring their own codes of conduct back into their agencies. “From the feedback we are getting from our clients and candidates alike, we are certain we have our priorities absolutely spot on now” said Toby in conclusion.