Web Design Portfolio - Aircare Coventry Website

The Project :

The team were approached by Coventry air conditioning and electrical firm Aircare Coventry to redesign their website, as it was looking very out-dated after years without maintenance. We were asked to represent air conditioning and the company’s range of services in a more appealing way, using text, images and animation.

The Solution :

In order to make the Aircare website more engaging, we needed visitors to the site to understand the company’s main services as soon as they viewed the website’s homepage. We designed the site to be engaging and simple to navigate, with a large header and sidebar to highlight Aircare’s key services.

We used a combination of bold colours and eye catching images and graphics to make the website grab visitors’ attention, and designed and developed a flash introduction movie to reiterate the company’s main services.

  • Website design & development
  • Content writting & Search engine optimisation
  • Flash animation
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